Tracks of History

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National Train Day 2014
May 10, 10:00 AM- 6:00PM 
St. Louis Union Station

    • Explore Trains - Engines, Sleeping Cars & More
    • Little Toot kid’s Train Rides
    • Historical Theatrical Performances
    • Foods from 1904 World's Fair
    • Special Viewing 3d show mapped on the ceiling of the revitalized grand hall
    • model train exhibit
    • children's activities
    • local entertainment
    • Missouri History Museum 250 in 250 banner show

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Come Celebrate With Us!

From the astounding beauty of an architectural phenomenon billows the sound of a train whistle ... the rickety rack of an iron horse vibrates for miles ... together, they echo through the streets of St. Louis, bringing with them multitudes of passengers. St. Louis Union Station was once the busiest train station in the world, transporting up to 100,000 passengers a day. Celebrities. Presidents. Soldiers. Travelers to the 1904 World’s Fair ... the station was the place to be ... and be seen.

Be a part of the past, present and future

National Train day at St. Louis Union Station - May 10th in commemoration of that day in 1869 when the last spike was driven and joined two tracks creating the first transcontinental railroad. This May 10th is a day to celebrate St. Louis history and bring back to life trains, railroads, the 1904 World’s Fair, and several other milestones for the city of St. Louis. It will be a day like no other - join us for a fantastic experience at this unique event!


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